Friday, March 28, 2014

Locke and a Cowboy Artist

Locke, California attracts artist from all over the world . . . 
Including  Cowboy Artists

Dai Loy Street Artist

The Dai Loy museum is recognised by the Sacramento River Delta Historical Society . . .
 and is a favorite site for street artists

Artists of Locke

A Collage of three artists that keep the historic essence of Locke, Ca. alive.

A Community Reborn by Art

Art re-builds communities . . . Locke, California is finding a new identity
 via artist who frequent this sleepy haven . . .
to keep the valuable heritage of this 1920's era community alive.

Art on River Road Locke, CA

Art on River Road Locke, CA

An artist view of Ning Hou Fine Art Museum

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Main Street - Locke, California

Main Street - Locke, California

The Tiolet Gardens of Locke

The Tiolet Gardens of Locke

The Tiolet Gardens of Locke, California was a creation and passion of Connie King.  
Connie was a long-time resident of Locke and a past Mayor.
Stuart, one of her friends . . .  added his 
signed chamber pot gift to Connie's Garden . . .